Monday, November 29, 2021

Lifestyle Dynamic Journey - Honey Mustard Sauce

 Welcome! Here is a simple 4 ingredient honey mustard sauce (could be 5 ingredients if you like some heat). What you will need is the following:

- 1/3 cup of Dijon Mustard - 1/4 cup of Honey - 1/4 cup of Mayonnaise (I prefer light mayo for reduced fat and calories) - 1 Tbsp of Lemon Juice Optional - 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper or Use an infused honey instead. I used a honey that has been infused with chillies so it added some heat to it. You have plenty of options out there. Mix and match, try new things out. Let me know how it works for you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Mountain Biking Accessories



When you first start out with mountain biking, it can be a bit overwhelming when you walk into a bike store to buy your first mountain bike and see all of the available accessories you'll need when you first start riding. 

There are several mountain biking accessories and related products that you can purchase. Although the sales staff will try to sell you anything they can, the real question for those on a budget isn't what's cool, but what accessories you need to make your rides more safe and enjoyable. By starting with these accessories, you'll be just fine when you hit the trails. 

Bike helmet

The bike helmet is the most important mountain biking accessory that you can buy. No one should ever be on a bike without a helmet. There have been many people who have experienced serious head injury, when it could have prevented by wearing a helmet. All mountain bike helmets are comfortable and stylish and everyone who rides on the trails wears one. 

Mountain bike gloves

No matter what season you ride in, your hands can take a beating. Beginners will normally keep a death grip on the handle bars, which can be very brutal for their hands. When you crash, your hands will be the first thing to hit the ground - and everyone crashes at some point. Mountain bike gloves are a must have accessory, as they will take the beating for you. 

Mountain bike shorts

After the first few mountain bike rides you take, you'll notice that your rear end will be quite uncomfortable. 

Even though your body will adjust, bike shorts are great to have as they will help keep it at a bare minimum. You can get shorts that are very comfortable, making them a great addition to your mountain bike ride. 

Mountain bike shoes

Depending on the type of pedals you have and the type of riding you do, you'll want to pick your mountain bike shoes accordingly. If your bike has clipless type pedals, you'll want to get shoes to accept the special cleat for your pedals. 

Good mountain bike shoes are durable, comfortable, and also a stiff sole for better efficiency when pedaling. Also, you should make sure to get the right shoe for the terrain you'll be riding in as well. 

Eye protection

If you get something in your eye, you can run off the trail in a matter of seconds. Sunglasses or clear lensed glasses can help keep your eyes safe from debris, as well as protect them from the wind, but you can also buy prescription safety glasses for cycling if you need glasses with prescription. When you buy your glasses, make sure they are non-breakable and adhere to the relevant safety standards - the minimum you should be looking for is EN166F if you are in Europe or the UK. 

Hydration system

Bringing a water bottle or hydration backpack with you is always a great idea. It's very easy to get dehydrated so you should always bring water with you and drink it on the trail to ensure that your body stays properly hydrated at all times. 

Trail repair kit

It's easy to get stuck in the woods or on the trail if you don't bring the proper repair kit for your bike. To be on the safe side, bring a multi-tool designed for bike repair, tire levers, and a patch kit for fixing flat tires.

Monday, November 22, 2021

How to Cook Vegetables Correctly



Cooking is a very sensitive subject, especially when we talk about vegetables. This is because vegetables are very sensitive to heat; therefore, in addition to being a very healthy food, we must know how to cook it properly in order to maximize its nutritional benefits. 

If one day you need to cook vegetables, but they have gone bad or you have undergone a long trip to get to the kitchen, we propose some tricks that will help you get a tasty and perfectly cooked dish. 

Make it easy

Beginners should go for easy dishes if they are new to cooking. On their own, most vegetables taste great, even raw! The best way to make most leafy vegetables, such as kale, taste great is to cook them at a very low temperature for a very short period of time with some olive oil, salt, and garlic. Dressings have a very strong or pungent taste, which can often overpower the slight taste and texture of most vegetables, so they should be used only for the strongest, for example, chard or spinach. 

It's all about timing

It is always essential to turn on the hood 10 minutes before cooking boiled, steamed, or sautéed vegetables, to inspect the clock on the hob (and use the timer if necessary), and to look at the color of the ingredients to prevent overcooking. Freshly picked vegetables should have a high sheen and not have lost any of their original colors like green sheen, or orange or yellow. 

Moreover, they should not taste bland or greasy. A steam oven can also help you to prepare your vegetables, in addition to your cookware. Since this method does not damage the food, it keeps all of the nutrients and minerals intact. 

The color and flavor are also enhanced. According to the food and the result you want, you can choose between 100% steam and baking mode with additional steam. Besides vegetables, you can also prepare meat and fish with great results. Following that, we explain how to cook various vegetables, so that you always find them accurate: 

  • You can prepare broccoli buds by boiling, steaming, or sautéing them in a pan, stirring them for about 5-8 minutes to get the perfect texture. 
  • To cook carrots with their original color, their nutrients, as well as their characteristic crunchy texture, you should boil them for 5 to 10 minutes, steam them for 4 to 5 minutes, or sauté them for 3-4 minutes. 
  • It is essential for eggplants to retain their magnificent purple color. The process is simple: boil them for 5-10 minutes, steam them for 5-6 minutes or sauté them for no more than 3-4 minutes. 
  • Red peppers cut into strips. No matter which of the three colors this product presents, its appearance is consistent. In the presence of heat, they soften quickly. The best way to preserve their sweetness is to cook them in a pan which takes about two to three minutes at most. 
  • Cooking spinach is difficult because the texture is lost in seconds. If it is cooked in 2-5 minutes, it should not transfer the green color to the water. During the steaming process, they are cooked for 5-6 minutes, then sautéed with garlic and olive oil for 3 minutes. They are delicious and contain iron. 
  • Kale or cabbages, for example, have an important complication: Cooking their stems requires more time than cooking their leaves. Separating the stems first and steaming the leaves before adding them is our recommendation. Let's do everything together for three minutes at a time as the last step. 
  • While pumpkins are a fun Halloween decoration, they are not a great candidate for culinary use. Many people think you can cook them like an apple. In reality, they are difficult to cut up, they have a very strong flavor, and they will quickly go from "cooking" to "boiling" in water. 

  • After cooking your vegetables, you still have work to do. After shaking them thoroughly, they will not cook anymore. You may wish to do this step, especially if you are going to use the vegetable for a salad. The same applies to boiled or steamed vegetables. It's easy to prepare a dish in advance and serve it hours later without worrying about it spoiling or losing its properties by simply shaking it. Squeezing those delivers more flavor, texture, and color. 

    In a bowl, mix together water, a lot of ice, and half a tablespoon of salt. Use a slotted spoon to transfer the vegetables from the pot to the ice bath after they have simmered for a while. After a minute, put them on a plate and serve.

    Thursday, November 18, 2021

    Lifestyle Dynamic Journey Exercise Spotlight - Lying leg curl

    Start by lying flat on your stomach.

    Adjust the roller pad so that it rests comfortably a few inches under your calves, just above the heels. Check to make sure the pads aren't too high up on your calves as this can place pressure on your Achilles tendon and reduce your range of motion.

    Stretch your legs out fully. On an inhale, lightly grasp the support handles on each side of the machine.

    Lift your feet smoothly as you exhale, keeping your hips firmly on the bench.

    Inhale as you flex your knees and pull your ankles as close to your buttocks as you can.

    Hold this position for a beat, allowing yourself to make sure you are focused as you prepare to lower your legs.

    Inhale fully as you return your feet to starting position in a smooth, slow, controlled movement.


    Monday, November 15, 2021

    How to regain confidence and happiness from deep inside


     It is a fact that In contemporary world, women tend to rule more and more. We have everything for it but lots of our precious qualities are hidden inside and covered by the external influences. Shakuntali Siberia, Enlightened woman, Doctor of Psychology, founder of the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud”, tells us how to develop self-confidence and power that are slumbering inside each woman. 

    Self-confident person - who is that? Someone who knows exactly what he/she needs to be happy and who is free enough to achieve that. So, a free and a happy one. We all are born very self-confident, free and with the knowledge that we can rule this world. But the pressure that we experience just right after we land here, take this self-confidence away. It may be caused by the realities and routine of our life or sometimes even by our parents - it doesn’t matter. Anyway, the effects are really devastating. 

    A little bit of Shakuntali Siberia experience - a striking illustration. 

    I was born with understanding who I am and what I should do in this life. I knew exactly that my predestination and benefit to other people was healing, so I tried to heal and convince people to change something in this life. Imagine me, 9-years-old-girl, trying to explain to my mother’s friend that she is in a pre-cancer state of health and that she must rush urgently to change something in her life to avoid the disease. Very funny, of course. But that was what I really KNEW about them, so I tried to help them from all my heart. And they saw me like a silly girl having watched soap operas too much. Eventually, they started being annoyed and finally concluded that I was crazy. All this doesn’t inspire confidence, does it? 

    Regaining your self-confidence back. 

    The only way to come back to nature and regain your self-confidence is to get rid of the external influence. As for me, I had to leave my home for good. Throughout the next years, I have had to learn lots of things, and I was lucky enough to have the best tutors you could imagine. Speaking about earning your natural confidence back, I have learned by heart the following plain tricks that I am gladly sharing with you now. 

    1. Use your “disadvantages” as advantages. Many of us are unhappy about something in our appearance. Ironically, it often happens that something that we have a great deal about, occurs to be utterly invisible to the others. Anyway, the trick is not to hide from the others what you desperately want to hide. This will lead you to freedom. 

    2. Do not try to be nice to everybody. Oh, this childish desire to please everyone, trying to prove something to everybody. Stop. This is useless and ruins your life and you as a person. For your wellbeing’s sake, you must learn how to tell NO. 

    3. Feel the strength and freedom inside to accept NO. Sometimes it is scary, isn’t it? All you need to learn here is that “No” doesn’t have anything with you, it is just a mindset and - sometimes - a problem of your opponent. You should never take it personally. 

    4. Compare yourself only with former yourself. Say “No” to any comparisons with other people. You do not know their life, their circumstances, their starting point, their way of thinking. All you should always look at - at yourself moving forward and earning your own happiness and success. 

    5. Once you have chosen something, any doubts - back off! You know yourself, you know your way - do not let the others, even the beloved ones, to interfere and turn you off your road. 

    6. If you need help - ask for it! You do not have to know everything, nobody does. There is no shame to ask for help. On the contrary, asking for help tells about you as of a very mature and confident person. 

    7. Your interest is the priority. It is not about being selfish, it is about not to skip your Bali vacation because of doing your colleagues’ work up to 3 a.m. 

    8. Feel the gratitude, no matter what happens. No event in our life is a positive or negative one. It is us who make it negative and positive. Try to find positiveness in everything that you face. Sometimes it is hard but still possible. 

    Being confident is being yourself. 

    This is the incomparable happiness - to be yourself. To face the world head-on, not to be afraid to hurt somebody by a refuse or just by being who you really are. And that doesn’t mean you should become selfish and do not care about the others. It is about becoming happy. And make the others around you a little happier too. 

    Author Biography: Shakuntali Siberia is an Enlightened woman, Doctor of Psychology, founder of the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud” and “Online Temple School”. She helps all the people around the world to become healthy, happy and regain the freedom of their spirits. Her latest unique course “12 Steps to the Return of Female Power” is created for all the women would return their natural Power back. 

    Thursday, November 11, 2021

    Top 10 Chain Restaurants With the Best Gluten-Free Options


    by Bre D. (2018)

    Sometimes it is hard to go out to eat with a restricted diet, but many popular restaurants now make it easier to go out to eat with gluten-free menus or modifications to your
    meals. The following restaurants, in my opinion, are the best gluten-free chain
    restaurants based on the amount of options they have, as well as how they accommodate to both allergies and preferences. These restaurants are located all around the globe, so it makes it easier to try all of the options off of the menu whenever you go out to eat.

    1. Noodles and Company
    One would think Noodles and Company would not be gluten-free because of having "noodles" in the title, but there are multiple tasty options at this restaurant! You can substitute
    either gluten-free fusilli, Zucchini, or rice noodles many of the popular dishes such as the Penne Rosa, Pesto Cavatappi, Wisconsin Mac & Cheese, and more. In addition to that, many of their salads are gluten-free with select dressings, as well as the Pad Thai noodle dish and Thai Chicken and Tomato Basil Bisque soup. One very good aspect about Noodles and Company as well is that when you order anything that is gluten-free, they ask if it is a
    preference or an allergy so they can make your dish in the appropriate environment.

    2. Chipotle Mexican Grill
    An interesting fact about Chipotle is that everything on the menu, besides the flour tortilla, is
    completely gluten free! Chipotle is a restaurant where they assemble the food in front of you, so you can pick and choose what you like in your burritos, bowls, tacos, and more! They avoid cross-contamination by having everything in select containers, and label everything on their website that could have traces of gluten in it through the processing of the food.

    3. Jimmy John's
    Jimmy John's has a newly added gluten-free item to their menu, the "Unwich" wrap. You can take any sandwich, minus the bread, and wrap it in lettuce. Many of the ingredients for
    their sandwiches are gluten-free, but make sure to check the allergen list just
    in case. With an allergy at Jimmy John's you can specially order to make sure they make the wrap on the paper instead of the work table to avoid cross contamination, and to have them change their gloves before they make your sandwich.

    4. MOD Pizza
    One food that I thought I would not be able to have again after being gluten-free was pizza, but not with MOD Pizza! This restaurant has a build-it-yourself feel with making
    pizzas, and they offer crust without gluten to make it on. They make the pizzas on separate papers to avoid cross-contamination of wheat from other pizzas, and majority of their toppings are healthy and do not contain.

    5. Boston Market
    This restaurant is one of those places that has a lot of different options because you can choose an entrée, side, and drink. The meals that are offered are different chicken meals or bowls, with sides such as fresh steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, southwest rice, and more. In addition to this, they guarantee that all of their food is made in separate environments from common allergens.

    6. Five Guys
    You wouldn't think that a burger place is almost all gluten-free, but Five Guys is! The only products on their menu that contain gluten in them are their buns, HP sauce, malt vinegar condiments, malted milkshake, and their Oreo cookie milkshake. Everything else, is completely gluten-free. They have not made a bun without gluten as a part of their menu yet, but they do offer all of their sandwiches and burgers with lettuce and all of the toppings, just minus the bun.

    7. Olive Garden
    Olive Garden is a fantastic chain Italian restaurant! There are so many gluten-free options here such as their famous house salad with vinaigrette dressing, Zuppa Toscana soup, many of their chicken and steak dishes, as well as you can substitute gluten-free rotini noodles in with any of the dishes. Olive Garden is also one of the great restaurants that ask if you are avoiding gluten as an allergy or a preference, which makes it easier to know that there would be no cross-contamination along with your food.

    8. Jason's Deli
    Jason's Deli has so many options and modifications for people who are avoiding gluten. Most of their sandwiches can be asked to use Udi's brand of bread on them! In addition to that, a lot of their salad, spuds, and more are all gluten-free. There is no way you would not be able to find anything on this menu, even with a diet restriction!

    9. California Pizza Kitchen
    California Pizza Kitchen not only offers pizza with gluten-free crust, but many other options off of its menu. They offer multiple salads, appetizers, soups, and desserts. All you have to do when you go to the restaurant is ask for their side gluten-free menu and all of the food is on there. This is one of those sit down restaurants that you cannot miss with their options!

    10. PF Chang's
    PF Chang's has a whole gluten-free menu modified for both people with allergies and who just have a preference of this diet. Surprising enough, they also have gluten-free soy sauce. Usually, Asian soy sauce contains gluten, but here you just have to ask for the gluten-free soy sauce and you are good to go! They have dishes such as their egg drop soup, spicy chicken, shrimp with lobster sauce, Mongolian beef, and so much more. I believe that this place has
    one of the most options where it is made without gluten, when asked for! 

    The fear of never being able to eat out again is over, with so many restaurants making modifications and options in makes it a lot easier! As always, make sure to check the allergen information at the restaurant before eating, and talk with the employees to make sure that they are accommodating to your dietary needs. Now, enjoy these restaurants, and the delicious food that they offer!

    Monday, November 8, 2021

    Lifestyle Dynamic Journey - Making a versatile Spice Mix

     Check out this simple, yet tasty spice mix. Call it a spice mix, taco mix, or dry rub, this goes with almost anything. I have used it on meat, pork, chicken, and even roasted vegetables. Haven't tried fish, I don't think it would taste that good. If you try it, please let me know. The ingredients are:

    4 tbsp Brown Sugar 4 tbsp Paprika 2 tbsp Coarse Salt 1 tbsp Black Pepper 2 tsp Garlic Powder 2 tsp Onion Powder 1 tsp Cumin 1 tsp Coriander *optional ingredient for flavor and heat* 1 tsp Cayenne Pepper (or more if you like heat) Mix it well as brown sugar has a tendency to clump. Store in a tight container or ziplock bag. Enjoy!

    Thursday, November 4, 2021

    No More Excuses for Being Overweight

    Success in any endeavor, including health and fitness, begins with the thoughts that you want to attain something.  Your desire needs to be strong enough and clearly defined before you will begin to take action.  Before you begin to successfully lose weight you need to make the necessary changes, and seek out the ways and means to reach your desired goal.  You have to adopt a “no excuse” attitude and stay focused on your goals.  

    Do these excuses sound familiar?  “If I just had more time, I would be exercising regularly.”  “I tried to eat low-fat today but my kids wanted pizza.”  “Every time I plan to exercise or eat healthy, something always comes up.”  “Eating healthy is too expensive.”  If we continue to blame outside factors, we will continue to get the same results.  Many truly believe these excuses are something totally out of our control preventing us from reaching our goals.  We think that something, or someone else, is responsible.

    The number one and most important step to losing weight successfully is to take 100% responsibility for your actions, which means, you are fully responsible for everything you put into your mouth.   Everything you eat is a decision you make.  Decisions like whether or not to eat that chocolate cake.  Each decision you make you are accountable for.  This may sound harsh, but it is a truism.    

    You’ve heard the buzzword used by motivational speakers, Proactive.  It means more than just taking initiative.  It means that we have the responsibility (response-ability) for our own lives.  Highly proactive people don’t blame others or circumstances for their behavior.  Their behavior is a product of their own conscious choice and willpower.

    Next time you’re faced with an excuse outside of you, change the way you think and develop a strategy to tell yourself that you can do it.  Once you realize the power you already have inside of you, overcoming obstacles will be easier.  A few successes will build your confidence and help you grow and be able to commit to something you want to do or have.  Self-talk can make us or break us.  Allow your self-talk to help you be proactive toward your health and fitness goals.  You already have, inside of you, what it takes to succeed.

    When I work with clients on behavioral modification, we use tools to help them achieve their goals.  Two successful tools are a food journal and appointment scheduling.  

    1. The food journal is used to write down everything you eat.  You will think twice before you eat knowing you have to write it down.  Then you can look at your journal to see how the extra calories sneak up.  A weight loss coach is also a good strategy to help you become accountable and learn about healthy eating.  

    2. Schedule your exercise time just like scheduling a meeting or doctor’s appointment.  Many clients are successful with their fitness goals working with a personal trainer because they have the appointment scheduled and are less likely to blow it off because of the appointment.  Discipline yourself with regularly scheduled exercise time.  This will increase your consistency and help you get to your goal.

    Monday, November 1, 2021

    Lifestyle Dynamic Journey Exercise Spotlight - Rope Press down - Triceps


    Face high pulley and grasp rope attachment with clinched hands side by side. Elbows remain tight at your sides.

    Extend arms down. Return until forearm is as close to 90 degrees or parallel with the floor. Keep wrists tight and straight. Repeat. Every motion is controlled and deliberate. Do not "throw weights around".