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Yoga for Weight Loss (part 1)

Using yoga for weight loss might not look effective to most people. I bet you they’ll go: “Naw, it’s just stretching…what can it possibly do to burn calories?” Well, a lot my friend. Yoga can work for weight loss if you use it right and I’ll tell you what to do in due course. “But how exactly can yoga work for weight loss Foras? (That’s my name by the way), y'all just stretch that’s it…!” Boy, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that comment. Well for interested parties, yoga as an option for weight loss is wise, safe and effective. Remember, it is the oldest physical culture known to man and not only does this exercise work the body, it works the mind and soul as well. Hey, have you seen Madonna, Sting or Russell Simmons lately? (I can just see you go: “Foras…they were never overweight so don’t go there! Well…they never gained weight either and they actually all still look good for their ages right?  Okay, here are the poses I recommend you use when using Yoga for weight lo

Nutritional Supplements: Adding To Your Health?

       Nutritional supplements refers to a wide range of products that are designed to enhance your health, improve athletic performance, or otherwise affect your physical or mental well being. These can include vitamins, sports supplements, weight loss products, teas, herbs, and antioxidants. Nutritional supplements can be found in almost all health food stores and many traditional stores as well.  Throughout history, nutritional supplements have been used to treat a wide range of ailments and to improve health. Many traditional medicines come from what may be considered supplements. Perhaps one of the most common forms of nutritional supplement is the vitamin. Many people take multivitamins, and doctors often recommend such use. Some vitamins can be risky if taken in excess, however, so an awareness of the safety of such vitamins is essential. An excess of Vitamin A, for example, can lead to liver damage and other unpleasant side effects. Consult with a doctor before taking anythin

The Top 10 Healthy Eating Habits

  We all know that eating healthy is sometimes difficult and downright boring.  So here is a simple list of the top ten healthy eating habits you can employ to live the best version of your life.   In a nutshell, a healthy diet involves:  (1) More home-cooked food, less eating out.  (2) More fresh fruit as snacks.  (3) More fresh vegetables as snacks and with meals.  (4) More beans as sides or in stews.  (5) More dense chewy bread, less refined white breads and bread snacks. (6) More fish, skinless chicken/turkey, less red meat.  (7) Smaller servings of red meat, larger servings of vegetables.  (8) Eating low fat dairy foods.  (9) Adding less fat in the form of butter, mayo, sour cream, to the food on your plate. This is a  huge source of excessive calories.  (10) Stocking up with healthy snack foods to keep hunger at bay. If you fill up with healthy nutritious calories, you won't want the junk foods that hunger makes you eat. As far as weight management goes, hunger remains Public

Whatever the sport, the nutrition must be on point!

       We all know that sports are tiring. They require increased amount of energy to complete (and compete in). It doesn’t matter if you are a swimmer, competitive lifter, football player, tennis player, martial artist or baseball player, your body needs specific amounts of nutrients to fuel your game. Depending on what you do, you may require more carbohydrates than another athlete. If you lift heavy, perhaps you are needing more protein to build muscles for a show. Every sport will have different nutritional needs based on the demands of that sport. On top of that, every athlete within the same sport will require different nutritional needs based on their own bodies. It keeps going. Different genders will have different needs as well as different ages. We can’t train an experienced athlete the same as a 13 year old beginner, obviously. However, the differences between 13 year olds and 15 year olds are important to take into consideration when programming. Children, pre t

10 Possible Causes of the Obesity Epidemic

  It's well accepted that reduced physical activity and fast food are linked to obesity. But the evidence that these are the main causes of obesity is largely circumstantial. To stimulate debate, experts suggest 10 other possible causes of obesity, outlined in the International Journal of Obesity. 1. Sleep debt. Getting too little sleep can increase body weight. Today, many get less shut-eye than ever. 2. Pollution. Hormones control body weight. And many of today's pollutants affect our hormones. 3. Air conditioning. You have to burn calories if your environment is too hot or too cold for comfort. But more people than ever live and work in temperature-controlled homes and offices. 4. Decreased smoking. Smoking reduces weight. People smoke much less than they used to. 5. Medicine. Many different drugs including contraceptives, steroid hormones, diabetes drugs, some antidepressants, and blood pressure drugs can cause weight gain. Use of these drugs is on the upswing. 6. Pop

Frangelli’s of South Philadelphia

       When one thinks of artisanal doughnuts (donuts) one does not think of Philadelphia.   I had the pleasure of eating some delicious treats, 3 dozen to be precise, from Beiler's Bakery in Reading Terminal Market which provided some amazing circular concoctions that have not been present anywhere else I have traveled to.  With that said, I didn't think I would find a doughnut that could compare to Beiler's in the entire country.  Actually, I found one in South Philadelphia! No more than a 20 minute drive from Center City, tucked away on a tiny cross street in the stuck in time section of Philadelphia lays a fantastic, little shop named Frangelli's.  Featured on the Food Network, although I didn't see the episode or was even aware they were on it.  They have the traditional bakery items like cannoli, assorted cookies, coffee, but what they are known for is their doughnut.  They baked only one type of doughnut it looked like.  It was all the same.  What was differe

Weight Loss Motivation Guidelines

  Introduction If there is one thing that all dietitians and obesity experts agree on, it is that personal motivation is the foundation of all weight loss success. No matter how healthy the diet-plan, or what combination of calories and nutrition it contains, it won't help anyone lose weight unless they follow it for long enough. Their willingness to do so depends entirely on how motivated they are to change their eating and exercise habits in order to achieve their weight loss goals. Motivation Advice Hard To Find The Internet offers a bewildering array of diets and weight loss eating plans, but advice on motivation when dieting is in extremely short supply. Given the strong link between diet-compliance and motivation, this lack of motivational help is surprising to say the least. It may stem from the fact that many diets are created by people who lack hands-on experience of helping people to manage their weight. Perhaps they see weight loss as a biological rather than a human

Calories: The Good and Bad

  (Credit: photka/Shutterstock)      Making a commitment to have healthier eating habits is a tough one. Knowing how to implement that commitment may be even harder. Where do you start? What foods should you eat, and which ones should you stay away from? These are all questions you should answer before going out to the grocery store.   We need nutrients to survive. We need vitamins, minerals and calories everyday. There are two types of nutrients. Micronutrients are our vitamins and minerals and macronutrients are where our calories come from. The three types of macronutrients are fat, carbohydrates and proteins.  Many people think that all fats are bad and recently started thinking all carbohydrates are bad too. That leaves us with just protein. If this were the case, our diets wouldn't be very enjoyable. Fortunately not all fats are bad and the same goes for carbohydrates.  With all the negative publicity recently, you might be afraid to eat any carbohydrates. Carbohydrates

Broccoli A Disease Fighting Resource

       The name broccoli is derived from an Italian name 'Brocco'. It may not be a favorite vegetable for many, especially kids but it has a great number of properties to benefit your entire body. It can be stated as one of the finest vegetables which fight numerous diseases. With the high vitamin content it tops the list in the vegetables department. It is known that broccoli has more Vitamin C in comparison to orange. It also has a good amount of calcium which you find in abundance in our very own milk. Just the presence of so many good qualities helps broccoli to combat many health problems. It contains components which fight deadly disease like cancer. Broccoli sprouts contain more cancer fighting elements in comparison to well-developed broccoli. Eating broccoli sprouts on a regular basis prevents stomach cancer. It also minimizes your chance of gastritis and peptic ulcer. Your sun-damaged skin gets a sigh of relief as it protects your skin. This saves you from diseases l

Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

  Many people believe that weight loss is a painful thing. To shift those stubborn pounds you must go hungry all the time. Many are afraid to even set a weight loss goal because they can’t stand the thought of going hungry and the frustrations that it brings. For a lot of people it's just better to be overweight than to suffer hunger pangs.  Well who can blame them?  If the only way to lose weight or stay slim was to go hungry all the time very few people would be at their ideal weight and the vast majority of the planet would be extremely overweight! It isn’t necessary. Our body is a marvelous device. It is truly amazing! Its natural rhythm and internal workings tell us when we are hungry. It has a self protection mechanism that lets you know when you need to stock up on fuel. A hunger signal is the body notifying you that you NEED to eat in order for you to sustain a healthy level of energy and have the reserves necessary for healing, repair and maintenance of your cells. Serious

Beginners Guide To Healthy Nutritional Eating

       If you’re currently not eating a healthy diet, it can be difficult to start such a plan. However, healthy eating along with some exercise is very important for maintaining a good bodily function and goes a long way towards living a disease-free life. If you struggle with healthy eating, then you know that breaking unhealthy habits can be the most difficult part of the process. Therefore, if you truly want to live the best lifestyle possible, it is important to follow tips in order to start eating a more healthy diet.   A great first step when you want to start eating your way to a healthy lifestyle is to rid your home of all temptations that will distract you from following better eating habits. Ideally it would be a wise course to keep junk foods and beverages out of your house so as not be tempted to snack during the day. If you’re worried about getting hungry, keep healthy snacks like carrot sticks, yogurt, fresh fruit, or whole-wheat crackers on hand. If you find that you

What should TV cooking shows really be about...

  I don't know about you, but sitting in front of my television watching Rachel Ray cook something I'll never eat for 30 minutes isn't my idea of food information and inspiration.  Nothing against Rachel Ray or any "celebrity Chef" that graces the camera for scripts network, but I honestly don't give a crap what any of them are cooking or why they like it.  To be honest, I love the shows that get to showcase various eating establishments and WHY THEY DO WHAT THEY DO as opposed to one chef who is cooking for TV. Hell, I'll even settle for that loud spike haired guy on the Diners, and dives thing he has.  I don't care if you like a certain pepper over another and only use it in your food.  I want to emulate what a local latin cafe does because it speaks to my roots in Puerto Rico. Or how about an authentic Chinese restaurant, who mind you does not serve Sweet and Pungent Chicken or General Tso Chicken (neither are an authentic asian dish), who brings the