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Alcohol and its effect on a healthy Lifestyle

       It's time to talk about alcohol. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of ways people think about alcohol in the context of changing lifestyles. Some drink whatever they want and have no problem with alcohol in its effects. They consider it “a little refreshment” from time to time (which might be every other night for some). The other group is very concerned about every drop of alcohol that they might consume. And might get quite anxious and won’t be able to enjoy themselves at all.  The best option might be that you should avoid alcohol altogether. But on the other hand, our purpose is to teach you methods which you could follow all your life. And on the other hand, a better quality of life is the very purpose, so a moderate amount of alcohol in good company might be one of those things you can allow. First of all, you might want to know a couple of things about alcohol. Let’s start with calories. Every gram of pure alcohol gives you 7 kilocalories, which are also called