Thursday, June 24, 2021

Whatever the sport, the nutrition must be on point!


    We all know that sports are tiring. They require increased amount of energy to complete (and compete in). It doesn’t matter if you are a swimmer, competitive lifter, football player, tennis player, martial artist or baseball player, your body needs specific amounts of nutrients to fuel your game. Depending on what you do, you may require more carbohydrates than another athlete. If you lift heavy, perhaps you are needing more protein to build muscles for a show. Every sport will have different nutritional needs based on the demands of that sport. On top of that, every athlete within the same sport will require different nutritional needs based on their own bodies. It keeps going. Different genders will have different needs as well as different ages. We can’t train an experienced athlete the same as a 13 year old beginner, obviously. However, the differences between 13 year olds and 15 year olds are important to take into consideration when programming.

Children, pre teens, and teenagers require different amounts of macronutrients to optimally function. On top of that, the pre teens and teens are already going through physiological changes so their bodies are working overdrive at baseline. We need to fuel that accordingly. Now lets look at sleep. We know that kids need more sleep. They just do. As stated before, their bodies are running wild all day everyday, lets add in school, school work and maybe work if they are old enough. The importance of rest and recovery is pushed on adult athletes and lifters, we have to focus on adapting programs for kids to accomodate that. We also need to let kids just be kids sometimes.

Take aways:
- Proper programming based on specific sport
- Proper Nutrition based on specific sport
- Proper programming based on individual in a particular sport.
- Proper Nutrition for kids
- Proper amounts of rest & recovery for everyone (increased amounts for kids)

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