Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Wok isn’t Dirty I swear

Ever see a Chinese restaurant on TV and they show the cook making a ton of food in what looks like a really dirty wok? Or maybe you have a friend who is asian and owns one of them? Either way, it could be a bit daunting to see your food being tossed around in a not so clean kitchen tool.

The truth is, it is clean.  Very clean! It looks brown from countless gallons of oil being thrown in it while super hot. Asian food is full of flavor and color and what do you get when you combine all the colors of a spectrum? Blackish, brown - DARK you get Dark colors!!!

There is compounded flavors embedded in every inch of that wok.  Meals upon meals with varying flavors, acidity, spice and sweetness clinging to the sides like a mountain goat going for a stroll up a damn vertical!

That imbued flavor helps give specific tastes to food.  Sometimes that is why we can never duplicate a recipe we had at a local restaurant, simply because we have no idea what was cooked in it before.  

So next time you decide to eat out, don't judge the cleanliness by the color of the wok.  Be happy knowing you are about to get some great flavors in your food.  Just imagine the stories behind it! 

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