Monday, October 4, 2021

Lifestyle Dynamic Journey - San Francisco

I took the family for a trip to scratch another city off the bucket list. This time we visited San Francisco! Seafood galore and wonderful sites to see. In order to get to all the sites we wanted to see renting a car wasn't going to be feasible as parking isn't cheap. Not to mention gas prices are a bit on the higher side in California. With that aside, we really didn't want to be responsible for a car. In comes the hop on, hop bus! These things are great. for one price you get an entire days were of driving and parking without having to worry about an actually automobile. It is a tourist thing, so they go to all the best spots. You get off the bus and visit. Every 30 minutes another bus follows the same route and picks you up when the other dropped you off. Every major city has them and I suggest you take a ride if you aren't sure where to go or how to get there.

We were able to see all the major attractions one would might want to see while visiting San Francisco. We saw (in no particular order) Chinatown Haight & Ashbury (where we feasted on Amazing Caribbean food from Cha Cha Cha and sweet ice cream from Ben & Jerry's) The Golden Gate Bridge Fisherman's Wharf The Marketplace with a farmers market inside and out. We sampled some authentic steamed buns. Not part of the bus tour, we also visited Alcatraz Island. That was a sight to see. Just amazing to see the size of the jail cells. Word of caution, if you have any issues walking, Alcatraz can be difficult to view. There is a tram that takes disabled individuals to the top and back down. Anything else on the inside you're on your own. So check out the mini video I made for you and hopefully you'll get the chance to visit. Life is a journey! So make it Dynamic!

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