Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Lifestyle Dynamic Journey - Internet & Misinformation: Fitness, Health, & Nutrition

 Ever since the quarantine, social media became flooded with health and fitness influencers and so called experts. Everyone and their mother had a program to sell you to do at home with or without equipment. People posting videos about exercises that were just wrong, and others spouting such health "advice" or just nonsense that it makes you wonder how they have survived this long. I am not an expert. Definitely don't use the word "guru" ever. I have spent 25 years in this industry learning, teaching, and helping people just live better. You may or may not agree with me and my points here, and that is absolutely fine. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am right. Let's have a discussion. Never stop learning. Understand that people will only believe up to what they can perceive to be true. Nothing more. Nothing less. Thanks for getting this far.

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