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Lifestyle Dynamic Journey - Six Flags Great Adventure

 So I took the kids and the parental units to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.  I haven't been to this place in close to 14 years.  There are some new rides, but for the most part it hasn't changed.  Now we decided to go on what seems to be the hottest day of the year.  It had to have been in the mid 90s.  Sweat was pouring down, clothing getting swampy, and we haven't even gotten anywhere yet.  

We decided to do the Safari drive through first as it was hot and we wanted to stay in the AC of the car.  The animals didn't have that luxury but the made do with whatever lakes and ponds they had in the enclosures.  

After the drive thru safari (which really hasn't changed in 14 years except the baboons are no longer allowed to jump on your car) we headed into the main park.  The season pass this year provided free parking which is clutch when you see the $25 price tag for parking.  Thanks to the parental units we were able to utilize the handicap parking spots near the front.  I don't know who was more excited about that, me or my parents.  

It was already mid afternoon and it was still scorching.  The sun was really strong that day.  We played some carnival games, won some ridiculous prizes that just take up space, but it was the smiles and laughter that is the real prize.  It was fun.  Despite the heat, the drive, the uncomfortable condition some clothing was in, it was well worth the money and the time.  It isn't everyday you get to spend time with family just doing fun things.  At certain ages in life, yeah sure, that's all you want to do, but as you get older and priorities set in it's difficult to let go.  Life is too short to sit back and wish you did more, or you wish you spent more time with someone.  Sometimes you just have to drop everything and go! Go have fun! We did.  All in one day.  



It's all about life, so embrace it and go!

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