Friday, September 3, 2021

Lifestyle Dynamic Journey - Fishing and the Woods


It's not everyday that I can get away from the hustle, away from the work, and just shut my mind off.  When I do get the chance, being in the woods, in nature, allows me to do so.  Couple that with a little fishing in a nearby lake (catch & release) and I am one happy man.  It is these little things that comfort me.  These little chances to "reset".  I mean, just look for yourself...

Putting things into perspective in your life is never a bad idea.  When you realize that you have been stressing over things that actually do not matter much is a very liberating feeling.  You get to control yourself, your thoughts. Ultimately you are the one in control over your life.  Are you just going to be a spectator in it or are you going to participate? Time to participate star! 

Life is about living! Make time for yourself.  Do something that you enjoy.  You will thank yourself for it in the long run.  Believe me.  

Eat Well, get a little active, travel and live.  I think I'll go pack a bag! Until next time! 

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