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What Are You Willing To Do To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals


I’m approached quite regularly about which diet is best, which book would I recommend and what exercise program should a people follow.  People think they can just purchase a book to
read and then some sort of magic occurs whereby reading it will cause their fat to magically disappear.  Well, I’m here to break the news to you, the $40 investment in your weight
loss book is just the start, there’s a lot of hard work and other expenses involved. 

Time Investment

There’s time invested in your education (reading, watching videos etc), time you’ll spend exercising doing both cardio and weight training.  There’s time spent creating your new
meal plans as well as preparation of those meals the day before or days in advance.  There’s time involved in doing extra laundry because you’re suddenly doing more exercising
now on your weight loss journey.

Let me ask you this:  What’s your favorite television show?  How much television are you watching in a given week? 1 Hour? Six?  Are you willing to eliminate television to allow
yourself time to go to the gym and prepare foods for the next day?  If not, then don’t bother buying books that recommend food and exercise programs?  It takes time to prepare food for
5 or 6 meals in a day and to go to the gym once or twice a day. Weight loss requires a time investment.

Food Investment

The quality of the food you put in your body is directly proportional to the quality of your cells.  It’s your cells that create energy and make your various bodily systems run, and if they’re given the best quality food, then they’re able to regenerate and be healthy.

Conversely, low quality food creates a low quality cell.  A low quality cell is not up to the demand of generating energy nor the proper removal of wastes which then results in
sickness and disease.

In conversation with a fellow regarding his food program and how he could make corrections to his diet to improve his health, burn fat, improve his workouts and achieve his weight
loss goal, I suggested a few “new” products.  Oatmeal, some whole grain wraps, spring mix salad, and Essential Fatty Acid, Almond butter and whole grain basmati rice were a few places
to begin. 

“You didn’t tell me how expensive it was going to be!” was his response.

Well, I don’t consider it expensive, so I would not have said that it was.  

Our cells are our power plants in our body.  Our body is constantly rebuilding itself daily and hourly.  Our skeleton replaces itself once every 10 years or so and the muscular lining of our
stomach and our intestines is replaced every 3 to 4 days so it only makes sense to give it the highest quality food.  Doesn’t it?

You’re probably going to come to the same conclusion that most other people do.  The food I put in my body creates a healthy body and I must take care in my food choices.

Whole grain oatmeal costs more money than cocoa puffs.  Raw almonds cost more than hickory smoked almonds and you probably never knew what Essential Fats or Probiotics were. Weight loss requires an investment in food.

Cutting Expenses To Reach Your Goal

If you’re not able to increase the amount of food you eat financially or the quality of the food you eat (organic), then what are you willing to do to get it.  Are you willing to cut
some other costs?  Are you willing to increase your sales at your job or home business to be able to afford this new change?  The first reasonable step is to make some switches or
replacements.  Take note of non nutritional foods in your day - consider snacks, junk foods, coffee, pop, cigarettes (I hope you’re not still smoking), milk or dairy products, alcohol,
vitamins, tums, Rolaids, pepto bismol etc and see how much you’re spending on a daily or monthly basis.  Are you willing to replace these for higher quality nutritional foods that
will support you in your weight loss goals?  It can be a scary thought for some people. Others accept the challenge readily because they’ve truly committed to their weight loss goals and
are willing to do Whatever It Takes!  Switching and replacing is the easiest thing to do. Weight Loss requires sacrifice.

Invest in Yourself

Your body, your mind, your soul and becoming the best you can be is the single best investment you can make.  Make the decision to eat the cleanest food you can, make the healthiest choices you can, begin to switch from non nutritional foods to nutritional foods and let go of negativity in your life.  Weight loss is easy, but requires some investment.

For more assistance with choosing foods or creating recipes and plans go here

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