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We all basically move the same. I say basically because if we put aside injury, disease or anything genetically malformed, the human body was designed to move a certain way and for most of us, that is the same as everyone else.  We all have bones (hopefully the same amount) and we all have muscle. Those muscles are used to move bones around a joint. That's how we walk, bend, lift, and turn etc. 

Your muscles move in a predetermined way. There is no changing that. For fitness sake, you have extensors, flexors, rotators, and stabilizers.  Stabilizers could be any type of muscle that is used as a stabilizer when not acting in its primary function of extensor, flexor, or rotator.  With that said, why do we make fitness so difficult? Why does it sound so foreign to us? All you really need to do is add resistance to your natural body movements and you will start building muscle and getting healthier.  Pull something heavier, push something harder.  Lift something that you never did before.  Do it and do it often.  At the same time, be careful. Be safe.  Don't lift too heavy too fast.  Start slow and work your way up.  One you are used to moving objects and weights, then you can start to individualize your fitness and start focusing.  You cannot spot reduce so get that out of your head.  Just doing ab crunches will not get you a flat stomach!!  Getting "in shape" takes the entire body to function together.  You can't do one thing and expect something else to happen.

We make fitness so special that only a professional can really get you where you want to go.  But what constitutes a "professional"? Do they have a slew of papers saying they are? Or are they using fancy jargon that shows that they have to be professionals, I mean who else would say things like a full hip and knee extension is the basis of all strength in the lower extremities? I just said to stand up, thats it.

Fitness is easy.  It really is.  Most people are just too lazy to learn what is necessary so they rely on others.  Don't get me wrong, I spent 20 years as a fitness "professional".  I made a living doing it.  I just can't anymore.  I would rather teach people how to do it, than to rely on someone more interested in making money yelling and screaming about lifting and not counting higher than 10.

If you take the time to learn how your body moves, you can reach fitness success without the help of anyone else.  Keep yourself motivated is a different story.  No one can get you started.  You have to do that for yourself.

It's all about life, embrace it and GO!

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