Thursday, February 9, 2017

Old fashioned manual labor could be the key to tackling obesity!

    Before office jobs or tech jobs were the majority, most people held manual work or "blue collar" type jobs. Farming and construction used to be on top of the workforce list.  Families ran businesses together.  Getting up at 4am to milk cows, plow fields or build homes was an everyday occurrence not a once in a while, go in early to get out early thing.  You started early and you ended late.  That was it.  What about the health of these types of people? Grant it the life expectancy was a bit shorter, but most folks just did what they had to do to provide for their families.  There wasn't sick days or vacation days.  They lifted, pushed and pulled all day, everyday.  Their bodies were muscular and their hearts were strong. They didn't get sick, they couldn't afford to.  The only thing that stopped them was their diets. Smoking was acceptable and butter was in everything.  Cholesterol was high, but thats a different story.  The physical nature of the work completed kept them strong and healthy. 

What if we could mimic that type of work, but in our workouts?  Traditional machines wouldn't be necessary.  All you would need is heavy things.  Your body will change.  This is the ultimate resistance training.  The long periods of "work" give it a cardiovascular benefit. 

Getting back to basics to tackle future health problems.

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