Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lifestyle Dynamic Journey - NYC East Side

It's one thing to walk through the East Side of New York City on a sunny day, but to walk through it with two (2) boys both under 10, while on the cusp of wintry weather is another.  Thats not to say that it isn’t always new and surprising when one walks through such a city as New York no matter who you are with.  Seeing it through the eyes of two little ones, changes your perspective on a lot of things.  

 As the saying goes, its the city so nice they named it twice! The large buildings hide the clouds and even the sun at points.  To a small child, it could seem like the city devoured the sky. What pulls the attention back down to street level, is the amazing sites held within the great city.  

       The east side of NYC is home to many things that a family can do together.  Not to mention all the bars and restaurants that the adults can visit on their own, but we'll save that for another time.  For the other folks, one of the great standouts is Modern Pinball, a store dedicated to strictly pinball playing. All ages are welcome.  They even have tournaments in various pinball games that you can take part in.  If you are into pinball then this place is a must see.  

  If you get hungry for some raw fish after slamming away on the bumpers of a pinball machine, then on the same block of Modern Pinball is East Japanese Sushi Bar. The cool factor of this place is the conveyor belt that travels around the sushi chefs and in between some tables to transport plates of food (covered for sanitary reasons) from one side to another.  If you like something you see, you take it.  It's awesome.  Price isn't too bad as well.

If raw fish swinging by you like suitcases at the airport baggage claim doesn't suit your fancy (see what I did there?) then a block or 2 away on Lexington Ave is a little cafe called Penelope.  It is a home grown type of cafe, serving great food, authentic to their passion of comfort food like momma used to make.  It is a local spot to residents of Murray Hill, but get there early as they don't take reservations and wait times can exceed 1hr.  

If you decide to put your name in the hat for a table of comfort food and quilt making (just kidding about the quilts) you have the option to head on over to Loews Cinema on 30th and 2nd ave and pre purchase your movie ticket(s) for later that day or evening.  It's a big theater with close to 15 screens and stadium seating so comfort isn't an issue.  A bit pricy, but it is NYC. 

     If a sit down meal isn't your thing, or you are just in a rush then there are plenty of options for faster food.  Not necessarily fast food, but faster food.  Sandwich shops, pizza shops and the infamous food carts galore.  The food carts are a great option when you don't care about what you're eating or where you are eating it.  Not to mention they are cheap and tasty.  

You may feel sluggish or dare I say even fat after all the food you have at your disposal while venturing in the big bad city of New York (right now the East side) but don't worry  You have plenty of ways to increase your energy and get a great workout. If you feel like riding a bike the CitiBike program is a great option. They are for rent bikes spread out through the city that you can rent for a period of time and then return.  Just remember to obey all the traffic rules for bikes.  

Weather can also dictate what you can and cannot do in the city.  If it's raining, the citi bikes won't be a viable option.  If that's the case and you really want to workout, there are as many gyms and fitness studios in the city as there are restaurants. Ok not that many but the number approaches 13,000. You are bound to find something near you, wherever you are.  

   There are plenty of parks for you to walk through if the weather is nice out. The east side has Madison Square park, on the cusp of 5th ave. 
      Let's not forget that simply getting around the city can be tiring.  Everything is within walking distance, but to a New Yorker, walking distance is about 1/4 mile in any direction.  20 city blocks equals a mile, give or take. You will get your exercise in one way or another.
      If you're tired at this point I have some news for you.  This was only the east side of NYC. There is so much more to this great city. So many places to see, things to do, and foods to eat.  It will not be possible to be bored in NYC. 

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