Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ingredients Should Tell A Story

    Good food starts with a story.  Why are you making it? Where did the inspiration come from? The food we make and eat conveys that story.  We pass this story through generations, each adding their own piece, making it theirs while still holding on to the original.  The ingredients for your meal are the foundations of that story.  Perhaps you use roasted red peppers because they remind you of a trip you took to Tuscany or always wanted to.  Maybe you want you use ginger or wasabi as an ode to Asian culture.  Regardless of your reasoning, it's your story.  That story will be passed to your children and their children and so forth and so on, each adding a chapter. It really is a story without end.  Many variations, but an endless family story

    Every tiny morsel of your food will let anyone eating it, including yourself, become aware of the influences you possess. You open yourself up to the criticism of others, allowing them into your world even just for a second or two. This isn't about being a professional chef in a fancy restaurant or a home cook making dinner on a weekday for yourself or family.  That experience of influence is shared throughout the culinary world. You can taste the passion.  You can smell the excitement. You can dine on the story! You have now become part of it.  You can eat at a 5 star restaurant and not know what it takes to make the food you are eating, but you can eat at a local, family run cafe and feel the history, the pain, the love, the community in everything that is served.  

"You can dine on the story!"

So how will you tell yours?

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