Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cooking lesson

By Larry Lioi 

It's important to keep learning.  No matter whether you fancy yourself as a home cook, a pseudo chef or any other name you have for it, you must have a fundamental knowledge of cooking principles.  Its doesn’t matter where you get this knowledge.  Just get it.  I myself, have clocked over 300 hours of food network and travel channel learning how to cook and eat.  Ok, I did take an intense 3 day cooking course for 8 hours a day for 3 days.  I learned a lot in that course.  Especially that everything that I was doing was just wrong.  

The most important thing everyone must learn before they even think of turning on the stove is knife skills. Learn how to hold a blade. Learn how to slice, chop, and guard your fingers so you don't end up losing a tip or nail. Without proper knife skills you really can't bring out the best in the ingredients no matter how much seasoning you use.  

Next, learn how to heat oil in a pan so you don't burn the starter ingredients. There were so many times I screwed this up and ended up burning my onions and a garlic within a few seconds. Once you master that simple technique you can start making almost anything. 

Cooking is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions on top of your stove. Whether you are boiling water for your pasta or searing a steak, you add heat and everything changes. 

After that, experiment with different techniques. Learn how to blend various items together using different ways and you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. 

"You are only limited by your imagination" 

- Auguste Gusteau, Ratatouille - 

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